Suspension set up
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Hi folks, here is an article on setting up your suspension. It is a bit dated, but very relevant. I think it explains things very well.

Carb school notes
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Hi folks, here are notes from our carb cleaning school.

Squamish off-road vehicle bylaw
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Hi folks, we get lots of questions about where trials bikes are allowed in Squamish. I have attached a copy of the District of Squamish off-road vehicle bylaw, which allows trials bikes in many parts of Squamish. Of importance to most riders, yes, we are allowed to ride in Crumpit Woods and the Garibaldi Highlands. Please take a look at the map so you can be better informed if other users give you a hard time, and so you know where we shouldn't ride (like Alice Lake provincial park). Also, this bylaw is pretty unique, and we owe a debt of gratitude to the trials riders who showed up to Council meetings and advocated on behalf of trials riders. 



Annual General Meeting

Hi folks, please come out to our AGM on Monday, Oct. 29. It will be at the Howe Sound Brew Pub, starts at 6:30.

Date Posted: Oct. 29th, 2018
FIM North American National at Ioco Sept.8-9, 2018: Checkers needed

Hi folks, the CPTA is hosting a FIM North American National at Ioco on Sept. 8-9. They need all the section checkers they can get, so if you want to see some great riding and help out the club, it would be much appreciated. Please confirm your availability to section check with Steve Fracy at

Announcement: Up up 'n Away in Whistler

Dear Trails Enthusiasts riding the Whistler Area,

A few keen riders built the Up Up ‘n Away trials trail on Sproat Mtn in Whistler in 2005 to explore an area that few users accessed in summer. Many things have changed since then. Trials motorcycle, mountain biking and hiking use has all increased, putting more use on limited resources.


Working with Whistler Off Road Cycling Association (WORCA), Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) and the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (MFLNRORD), an arrangement to maintain legitimate access to Rainbow Mountain via Billy’s Epic and Rainbows End has been made by swapping Up Up ‘n Away on Sproat Mtn with WORCA. In consultation with the original builders of Up, Up ‘n Away, access to Rainbow Mountain and the alpine experience will be maintained through established use agreements with the other user groups.




Up Up ‘n Away is no longer considered a trials motorcycle trail - please avoid.
We have shared access up Rainbow via Billy’s Epic and Rainbows End (shared with Mtn Biking and Hiking). Watch for descending traffic, expect it to be busy with all users on weekends. Future plans include putting up signs.
Other areas for Trials Motorcycle Riding in the greater Whistler area include:
Cougar Mountain - an excellent intermediate and stronger rider location
Playground and Sticks ‘n Stones – great for intermediate and stronger riders

As always, stay on the trail, yield to others, avoid wheel spin, and participate in trail maintenance.

Map of Sticks and Stones

Hi folks... here is a map of the Sticks and Stones riding area, north of Whistler. A very big thank you to Andrew Deboer for preparing this great map!

Sticks and Stoned Group Ride - May 6, 2018

99 Trials is hosting a group ride and BBQ at Sitcks and Stoned on Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 10:30 AM. Bring your beverages of choice!

This riding area requires intermediate and above ability. We will be hosting a beginner ride in Squamish later this summer.

Location - Sticks 'n Stoned, between Whistler and Pemberton (50.213094,-122.882445)

Date Posted: May. 6th, 2018
2017 - September AGM and Director's Report

2017 - September AGM and Director's Report

Hi folks, our annual AGM is this Sept. 7, 2017 at the Howe Sound Brew pub, starting at 6:30. And here is a recent Director's report, which will be dicscussed further at the meeting:


Hello fellow trials enthusiasts.


As we are coming up in September to a meeting of 99 Trials, details to follow, it would seem like a good idea to bring everyone up to speed on what your executive group has been up to. For brevity, I will only touch on the unique aspects of our work, leaving the details to updates at the September meeting.

Andrew Deboer, our Director of Northern Relations has made tremendous  progress in the Whistler area, working with:

•  Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW)
•  Whistler Off Road Cycling Association (WORCA)
•  Alpine Club of Canada, Whistler (ACC)
•  Whistler/Blackcomb
•  Association of Whistler Area Resident for the Environment (AWARE ), and
•  Sea to Sky Recreation Officer (Province of B.C.)


Twice a year, spring and fall, 99 Trials has been represented by Andrew at meetings where the focaus has been how to sort out access issues to the area around Whistler, both within the RMOW boundaries, and outside on the crown land base. As most of you are likely aware, the trials community has been enjoying access to the Sproat, Rainbow and Cougar mountain areas, and until the last couple of years, have done so with little interaction from others besides the few mountain bikers and the odd hiker.

That has now changed. New hiking trails in the Rainbow area from the North and East, coupled with new mountain biking access to Sproat from the South and West have really increased the possibility for conflict. There have also been reports of dirt bikes in the Sproat alpine, another sign that something had to be done to try to stay ahead of potential issues.
Briefly, some of the work that Andrew has been pursuing has resulted in:

•  Open lines of communication with the hiking and local mountain biking communities. This has allowed for greater education within those communities as to what to expect when venturing into the Whistler area backcountry.
•  The Resort Municipality of Whistler creating signs that include trials motorcycling in a graphic that are to be installed at various location, in particular, Sproat and Rainbow mountain areas, but may include Cougar. The graphics for 99 Trials, and the trail signs were put together by Heather Wall, so great thanks to her for the volunteer work for the club.
•  Being part of the consultation process as Blackcomb Helicopter is pursuing a trail maintenance agreement with the province of B.C. for the heli-drop service that they have been performing for years on Rainbow. We have been able to raise our concerns, and provide input into the request, and with luck will be able to shape what that trail will look like in the future.
•  The Whistler chapter of the Apline Club of Canada was also looking to expand the hiking trail network on Cougar Mountain. We again, are part of this process, and are applying for section 57 permissions for a great many of the trails on Cougar to secure out future there.
•  The province of B.C. has also stated that when we apply, we aill be granted a section 57 and section 56 for “Up, Up and Away”, the original line up Sproat that Andrew and company built. The section 57 allows for the construction (a formality), and the section 56 will set out the objectives of the trail. With the mountain biking access to Sproat being opened up this summer, it has become very important to try to have this one trail secured for trials use only. There are going to be greatly increased safety and erosion issues if the mountain biking traffic uses this trail going forward.

There are others in the club working away at the various functions, so please show your support, and join 99 Trials, and get your friends and neighbours to as well. The trails that we have developed over the years are also frequented by hikers and mountain bikers, so it would be great if we could get all to contribute to our club.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and we hope to see you out in September.

Spencer Fitschen
Chancellor, 99 Trials

CPTA/CMA points event sponsored by The Honda Centre.

Hey everyone, don't forget, the Squamish Trial is this Sunday, May 28th, 2017. This is a combined CPTA/CMA points event sponsored by The Honda Centre.


The Junior/Intermediate loop is set to be on the easier side this year, with the sections set to challenge intermediate riders, not the sportsman. We have added a couple of sportsman splits to add some optional lines for that class. If people are new to trials competition, the Squamish Trial would be a good place to start this year.


Going with the theme of a CMA Western round, the Advanced/Expert loop features some "gimme" sections, but will certainly separate the riders on the more challenging sections.


The event will be held on private land (Valleyfcliff, in the Crumpit Woods riding area) off of the Mamquam Forest Service Road. From Vancouver, follow Highway 99 toward Squamish. The turnoff is before the bridge that is just before Squamish. Follow the FSR until you see the signup area (parking will be behind the houses that are located on Cherry Drive).

Date Posted: May. 28th, 2017
99 Trials Association is involved with recreational land use planning processes with the District of

99 Trials Association is involved with recreational land use planning processes with the District of Squamish, the Resort Municipality of Whistler, and the British Columbia Ministry of Forests.

99 Trials Crumpit Woods riding area

99 Trials will be hosting a trials competition on May 28, 2017 in the Crumpit Woods riding area. This event is part of the Canadian Motorcycle Association's provincial championship series. The event will have classes for junior, intermediate, advanced and expert. If you want to help with the event, please email the club at


Check out this video of the 2016 trials competition in Squamish.